Everything is 100% free. How do we do this? More about the project.

Fast cloud.

Our selfmade cloud is optimized for a very fast server start, so you can start right away.

Plugins & Modpacks

Install a large and growing number of Plugins and Modpacks with just one klick.

Automatic Backups.

Your server gets safed daily to guarantee availability.

Access to all files

By WebFTP you get access to all you files on your server. So you can customize it to the best.


In case of problems with your server or your plugins you can always contact our professional support.

About us

Hey! Welcome to
We offer free Minecraft Server with unlimited fun.
The project is completely free because I (Erik Groh) like to automate and maintain systems. Furthermore I want to note that in case you like to donate anything it is going straight into the project which is financed through donations only!

Have fun with your server.

Erik ShakerLP


Flo blwck


Arthur jinzey


Let's get started

Free. For you and your friends.