About us

applejuice Supporter

I am applejuice, I am Portuguese and I speak Portuguese and English and I make bad code that enhances literally nothing other than my free time

erik Admin

Hey, I'm Erik and I'm 20 years old. Currently I live in a small town called Helmbrechts. I'm responsible for making sure PloudOS works perfectly. And oh, the whole project was and is being developed by myself!

Gadget134 Supporter

Hello there! I am Bobby but prefer to be called Gadget. Mostly because I like technology and how it works. I am the Social Media Manager for PloudOS. I handle all the updates, trivias, puzzles and riddles posted online for all of you lot to enjoy. If some of you can tell I'm from the east end, if you know you know. I'm online most of the day so I am always reachable. If there is anything I can help you with, give me a shout.

hollydays Supporter

Do you like holidays? I'm Holly and I make sure your Minecraft holidays stay nice and peaceful ... especially while you enjoy chatting on our Discord. I have lived on this earth for almost two decades now and am happy to share my experience! Happy 2 Help Holly! <3

KonTux Supporter

Heyho,I am a 15 year old block game enthusiast who is always happy to help you! Feel free to ask me anything in English and German : D But please don't let your questions look like roblox memes :upside-down:(It really hurts)

Rapha149 Supporter

Hello! I'm Rapha(el) and with 14 maybe even younger than you. I offer help on PloudOS in German and English, but what I hate are several question marks after a normal question like "Can you help me???", so if you expect help from me, better don't do it ¬_¬, but otherwise I'm happy to help :D

Skwead Supporter

Hello there, I'm Skwead, a great minecraft servers lover willing to serve you all. I take care of the portuguese support on this lands. Nice to meet you!

vagy Supporter

pls help I've been trapped here for 145 days

Yaruma3341 Admin

You love to play with other people on your own server? Hey, we have a thing in common! I am Jonas and I make sure that you can realize your ideas on PloudOS. 16 years are a long time to gather experience, I am all the more happy to be able to share it with you.