About us

applejuice Supporter

I am applejuice, I am Portuguese and I speak Portuguese and English and I make bad code that enhances literally nothing other than my free time

erik Admin

Hey, I'm Erik and I'm 21 years old. Currently I live in a small town called Helmbrechts. I'm responsible for making sure PloudOS works perfectly. And oh, the whole project was and is being developed by myself!

Gadget134 Supporter

I am a Human Being who devotes his life to computers for absolutely no reason. Just kidding, I do have a life. OR DO I?.If you need any help feel free to tag me in PloudOS' official discord server.POTATO PC uwu

Javirulo Supporter

Hallo. I'm Javier and I'm from South America. I speak spanish and like to help **if you have read the rules and FAQ already and be patient :)**.

JoniHoffi Supporter

Hello! I'm Jonas a 15-year-old German boy that loves to help you with PloudOS in German and English. In my spare time I have fun coding my own Minecraft Plugins in Java and websites in Javascript/HTML/CSS that are really ugly and unnecessary. If you have any questions about PloudOS, Java, or Javascript/HTML/CSS feel free to ask me. And oh pls correct my bad English xD

OnlyVentu Supporter

Hi! I'm ÖnlyVëntü, 19yo and I’m from Italy. I play Minecraft since I was a kid, even tho I stopped for some years, but I’m improving my skills again. I’m so happy to take part of PloudOS team and if you need any help I’m glad to fix your problems as far as my knowledge allows me. I can write and speak English very well but, like all humans, I make mistakes so feel free to correct me. Enjoy!

Rapha149 Supporter

Hello! I'm Rapha(el) and with 15 maybe even younger than you. I offer help on PloudOS in German and English, but in my "free time" I love to code Discord bots and Minecraft plugins with Java. So if you have any stack traces you don't understand I may help you with that :)