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What makes us special

Here are just a few reasons why you should use PloudOS, we have only listed here the 6 biggest key points. We develop and improve our free Minecraft server platform on a monthly.


We decided to use only high-end AMD Epyc CPUs on PloudOS to give you a good server performance despite being a free Minecraft server.

Only SSD's

On our platform you get 6 GB of pure SSD storage to make loading your worlds as fast as possible.

Develop your server

You decide yourself what plugins and mods you want to have on your server, we don't set any limits on what you can install on your server.

DDoS protection

In order not to let your gaming session with your friends be disturbed by DDoS attacks, every Minecaft server has DDoS protection.

Many servers

With us you can have up to 20 free Minecraft servers, you can manage them all at once and start them individually.

FTP support

We also offer an FTP server with your free server, there you can upload plugins, mods and worlds as you like.

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